A lot of people frequently ask me what I am studying at school. Well I am studying Computer Science, and trying to focus my projects on human-computer interaction and advanced user interface design. Part of my research happens to be in a field called augmented reality. I have one video of an application I created last spring (you may want to fast-forward past the setup of fiducials to about 1:30, sorry this is the only video I have right now):

So that’s a simple application. It just lets users grab virtual objects and move or scale them. You do not have to physically interact with virtual objects for the application to be considered augmented reality. AR (the short term) is really just about relating the real and virtual worlds. It is the cross between the two that separates it from virtual reality. Watch out for applications that are coming to iPhone and other mobile devices that incorporate real world video and computer generated graphics (your online profiles might actually become physically attached to you).

You can see my application that I shared here uses fiducial markers to track the position and orientation of different real world objects, but the future is in tracking things without these strange looking pieces of paper. My final project last semester for a class in Augmented Reality with Steve Feiner did not use markers, but rather relied on compass and GPS information from an Android device to render relevant information on a heads-up display presenting possible donor to the Manhattanville project with information (I am looking for the demo video). In addition to these kind of interfaces, I am also interested in computer vision and I am currently working on a project that will be include an immersive interface (using a heads-up display) that uses tracking without these fiducials in a quest to give computers a better understanding of the real world and make our jobs  easier. The tracking will use work done by Georg Klein and the result should be pretty cool. Stay tuned for updates from my research projects and other side projects I find myself getting into.

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