If you were looking for a page about me, you can find that on This page is really just about the blog.

So what on earth is this blog all about? The web is full of trashy blogs with people posting about their own personal crap that no one ever reads, I don’t want to write another one of those blogs. I want this blog to be useful to the people that read it. Who do I expect to read it? You! Most likely you are a client of mine, a friendly face in the web design and development industry, or just one of my friends wanting to see what the hell I am doing with my life. Even if you don’t fit into my top 3 audiences, I want to make this blog interesting for you. I may make some very techy posts aimed right at my fellow designers and developers, but don’t worry normal web browsing friends, I will make sure I sort away the techy posts in a category titled something like “For Nerds”. I will also try to write a bunch of posts “For The Average Joe” that will try to give everyone some tips or tricks on how to use the web just a little bit better and can hopefully save everyone some time.

I don’t see most my posts being this short and sweet because hopefully I’ll be explaining things to some depth that teaches you something new, at least that may be a goal. I think its fun to learn something new everyday. So subscribe to my RSS feed (if you don’t know how to do that or don’t know about RSS you really should head over here) and hopefully you can find something here that is worth spending the two minutes to read. Oh, and don’t forget to comment! Thanks and I hope you enjoy my stuff!

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